Where do you attend school and what activities are you involved in?

I am an undergraduate student at Wesleyan University, double majoring in Economics and Psychology, with a minor in Data Analysis.

What have your teaching opportunities been outside of Fairfax Collegiate?

In college, I have served as a teaching assistant for social psychology and three other data analytic courses, as well as serving as a language partner for Chinese. Since last summer, I have been a tutor at Huntington Learning Center, tutoring K-12 students in a variety of subjects, including SAT Prep.

What sort of experience have you had in the subject you’ll be teaching this summer?

In high school, I was part of Science Honor Society and was the President of Physics Club; in both clubs, I have tutored peers in various science courses. I have taken a variety of science classes in high school, including AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and human anatomy and physiology. I started my college career on the pre-med track, and thus have also taken a range of science courses and labs at college. At Huntington, I have previously tutored SAT Verbal and SAT Math, and help students improve their scores.

What excites you about teaching and working with students?

I am excited about teaching and working with students because it allows me to inspire curiosity and foster a love for learning. Additionally, seeing students grow, gain confidence, and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

In my free time, I love to bake, go to the gym, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend time with friends!

Amy Zang
2024 Summer Program Teaching Schedule