Fairfax Collegiate Summer 2023

The Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program features over 100 different courses for students to choose from. Click on any link below to view the courses offered in each subject area.

Each course page contains a detailed course description, syllabus, and a schedule table showing the dates, times, and locations where the course is offered.

Practice the writing process, and produce polished writing about complex ideas.

Get comfortable with speaking, standing out, and leading.

Build your math on a solid foundation.

Do hands-on experiments and practice the scientific method.

Explore opportunities to attend local selective public high schools.

Prepare for the SAT and the PSAT through content review, individual coaching, test-taking strategies, and techniques for reducing anxiety.

Design, manufacture, assemble, test, and think like an engineer.

“Software is eating the world.”Mark Andreessen

Get on the leading edge and play in the future.

Develop technical and creative skills to make art that tells stories and creates emotion.

Gaming at Fairfax Collegiate - it’s more than just games.