Summer Employment

Have Fun and Teach!

Do you have a strong academic record, a demonstrated interest in education, authoritative knowledge of one the subjects taught in our program, and experience working with children? If so, Fairfax Collegiate would like to hear from you!

As a Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program employee, you can:

  • Share your knowledge and passion for learning
  • Obtain practical teaching experience with a class of students
  • Build your résumé
  • Exercise autonomy and decision making
  • Receive mentorship and ongoing support from an experienced teacher
  • Be recognized for outstanding performance.
  • Earn competitive pay, and returning staff members get a $1/hour raise from the previous year

Fairfax Collegiate is hiring summer program instructors, lead instructors, assistant instructors, and location directors.

Instructors teach our classes using provided curriculum while adapting lesson plans to fit student needs. They work under the guidance and support of professional teachers as they manage their classes and deliver content in an engaging way. Instructors regularly communicate with parents to provide progress updates and some create written evaluations and test score reports for their students. All instructors have extensive prior experience working with students through tutoring, camp counseling, and other opportunities. Many instructors are undergraduates and graduate students at highly selective universities who major in STEM, humanities, art, and other subjects relevant to the Summer Program. The pay rate for instructors starts at $20/hour ($18/hour base pay plus $2 completion pay).

Lead instructors also teach classes and have opportunities to mentor other staff, assist in training, and help with curriculum development as needed. Lead instructors have proven themselves to be capable of additional responsibility through extensive work with Fairfax Collegiate in the past (at least eight courses) and positive reviews from their location directors. Lead instructors also include full-time school teachers and those who are actively pursuing a career in education. The decision of whether to assign the role of lead instructor to a staff member is made during the hiring process; interested applicants should select "Instructor" as the role they apply for. The pay for lead instructors starts at $25/hour ($23/hour base pay plus $2 completion pay).

Assistant instructors play a vital role in helping classes run smoothly and instructing students. Assistant instructors are often staffed in larger classes and provide individual help to students, assist with class projects, take care of administrative tasks, and take the lead on lessons as the instructor sees fit. All assistant instructors work under the direction and supervision of the instructor or lead instructor for the classes they are assigned to. Candidates for this position are highly motivated and driven high school students who have worked with students in the past, typically through tutoring and mentorship opportunities provided by their schools. The pay for assistant instructors starts at $15/hour ($13/hour base pay plus $2 completion pay).

Location directors oversee and provide consistent feedback to the staff at their locations and are the point of contact for parents who have questions about their children's classes. Location directors work closely with their staff and with Fairfax Collegiate's administrative team to ensure a high-quality experience for students, parents, and staff. Many location directors are professional elementary or secondary teachers with a career interest in educational leadership. The pay for location directors starts at $35/hour.

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Click on our Employment FAQ page to learn more about summer employment with Fairfax Collegiate.

What Past Instructors Say...

Fairfax Collegiate was a great way to refine my teaching skills. Watching an eighth grader decode a logic problem or a fourth grader master fraction concepts beats sitting at a desk any day!

Caroline English, Princeton University

I had a fun and rewarding summer teaching at Fairfax Collegiate. The children amazed me with their creativity.

Erica Harkins, University of Pennsylvania

The program gave me great support and a solid curriculum. It is far more than a "summer job" in that it offers important professional growth for teachers.

Danny Ledonne, American University MFA Film

I had the opportunity to work with extraordinary colleagues, some of whom became close friends. Also, it was great fun to teach kids every day!

Mariah Walker, The College of William & Mary