Online Debate League

Fairfax Collegiate's new Online Debate League allows your child to have fun and develop the essential skills for success in an increasingly interconnected world. Students learn how to:

  • Speak confidently
  • Think critically about important issues
  • Collaborate with and listen attentively to peers
  • Persuade others through crafting insightful arguments
  • Engage in friendly competition

The Online Debate League consists of three component programs: free online debate clinics, interactive online debate clubs, and monthly online debate tournaments.

Virginia Study Circles

Many students learn best in small groups and need help with math and science courses. Virginia Study Circles are small group online study sessions led by instructors who know their subjects and can connect with students. The result is high-quality academic support at a moderate cost ($35/hour).

Write | Discuss | Revise

Fairfax Collegiate Write | Discuss | Revise is a program of premium online writing courses. Each Write | Discuss | Revise course provides challenging content, direct instruction in writing, weekly reading and writing assignments, and individual writing conferences with the teacher. Write | Discuss | Revise is for students who seek to go beyond what they are learning at school and take their reading and writing to the next level.

Summer Program Extended Through September 4

Fairfax Collegiate has extended the 2020 Summer Program and has added a new session, Session VI. This session will run from August 24 through September 4.

You can view our entire summer online schedule here: Summer Online Schedule.

We will begin closing classes for Session VI on Tuesday, August 18. We do this to make sure that we are able to provide small classes and well prepared instructors.

Students have now completed over 5,000 online course enrollments with Fairfax Collegiate since April.

May 22, 2020 Summer Program Update

Because most of our parents have asked for new teaching arrangements this summer, Fairfax Collegiate is converting our on-location summer camps to a fully online program.

Summer Online Schedule

If your child is enrolled in a on-location class we will contact you today, May 22, with options, including receiving a full refund of program fees.

We will run two-week programs from June 15 to August 21 and will offer both morning and afternoon classes. We will offer some 50 distinct classes, ranging from math to writing to public speaking to computer programming to test prep.

Courses are taught by experienced Fairfax Collegiate instructors using Zoom technology. Classes are small: six students per instructor for math classes, twelve students per instructor for other subjects.

Our summer online program builds on our existing online program, which has already taught over 700 students in 34 distinct courses this spring. We’ve had very positive feedback on these courses from both parents and students. The instructors in these courses will also be teaching this summer, bringing all their online experience to your child.

Morning classes meet from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Afternoon classes meet from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

The program fee for online classes is significantly lower than for the on-location classes. The fee for each two-week, twenty-hour summer online course is $300. The “full-day” fee for a morning and afternoon course is $500. Summer online courses are eligible for the 5% summer program sibling or multiple session discounts. The 5% early registration discount will apply for registrations before June 26.

We appreciate your understanding as we all navigate these difficult times, and we look forward to working with your child this summer.

Please contact us with your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Have fun and learn!

Fairfax Collegiate Summer 2020

This summer your child can have fun and learn!

Since 1993, the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program has provided challenging and engaging courses in writing, reading, mathematics, science, test prep, public speaking, engineering, robotics, programming, art, design, Minecraft, gaming, and filmmaking.

Small classes take place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere at our ten locations throughout Northern Virginia. Courses are built around creative activities that are captivating and entertaining, as well as informative.

Summer Program instructors include undergraduate and graduate students at leading universities, as well as area public and private school teachers. They take into account each student's interests and needs, and students are able to get help from an instructor at any time. Breaks include soccer, basketball, and other sports.

Over 4,000 students attended Fairfax Collegiate programs last year. Register today to reserve your child's opportunity for academic and creative growth at Fairfax Collegiate.

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