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Build your math on a solid foundation.

Math is more than just a letter on a report card. Between SOL scores, diploma credits, college admissions exams, and the logical and abstract thinking skills that unlock many career paths, we fully understand why math is so important to students’ lives (even if they don’t know it yet).

We also understand that every student who enrolls with Fairfax Collegiate has a unique background, comfort level, and attitude towards math. Our curriculum takes these differences into account while providing several other benefits:

  • designed by professional math teachers in Northern Virginia
  • aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning, so parents can be sure that each course will cover the same topics as their children’s school year math classes
  • includes a diagnostic test to help instructors determine how to best help each student
  • keeps students engaged by incorporating frequent math-based experiments, hands-on activities, and math games
  • together with our small class sizes, allows our instructors to provide frequent individual assistance, feedback, and encouragement to each student

If your student would benefit from a head start on the concepts they’ll be learning next school year, or if they’re looking to build confidence and maintain their skills from last year, a summertime math class is an option worth considering.

Interested in year-round classes? Check out the Virginia School of Math.