"Our son had fun and learned things; he would go back."
Johanna and Brad K, McLean, VA, 3D Indie Games 7-9
"This was a well-run and interesting course. My daughter enjoyed the experiential learning, particularly the dissections."
Robin and Louis S, Reston, VA, Animal Physiology 7-9
"The dissection was a blast."
Andrew L, Arlington, VA, Animal Physiology 7-9
"My 12-year-old son loved this class and came home every day excited about what he had done at camp."
Tom M, Herndon, VA, Animal Physiology 7-9
"My son loved this class and learned so much. He couldn’t wait to go back every day."
Jennie and John O, Leesburg, VA, Arduino Electronics 7-9
"This was a very good class, which included dissections and discussion of DNA and genetics."
Sidarth K, Fairfax, VA, Biomedical Engineering 7-9
"Our son loved this class!"
Daniela and Culai S, Leesburg, VA, Biomedical Engineering 7-9
"My 12 year old really enjoyed this class. He was excited to go every day for two weeks!"
Shukti and Ash B, Broadlands, VA, Biomedical Engineering 7-9
"Our daughter really loved this class and couldn’t stop talking about it. She loved the experiments and the small class size."
Jaime and Jared S, Herndon, VA, Chemistry Concepts 3-4
"This class had good content and good teachers."
Kathy P, Fairfax, VA, Chemistry Concepts 3-4
"My daughter was so excited about this class. The concepts were challenging but fun and very enriching."
Sina and Dupe O, Alexandria, VA, Computer Math 5-6
"My son loved to build and test the robots that he built."
Jina K, McLean, VA, Construction Robots 3-4
"My son loved this class and had a great time learning about cryptography and meeting new people."
Vickie and Joe C, Potomac Falls, VA, Cryptography 5-6
"My son really enjoyed this class. The instructor was superb and managed to ignite a passion for debate in my son."
Neelam and Darshan K, Great Falls, VA, Elementary Debate 5-6
"My son enjoyed the debate topics; it is helpful to learn how justifications are made. The video recordings of the final debate are a good feature for the parents."
Vidya O, Vienna , VA, Elementary Debate 5-6
"This class was very fun, with lots of cool programming activities."
Trontour W, Fairfax, VA, EV3 Mobile Robotics 5-6
"This class was fun, with lots of cool activities to do."
Trontour W, Fairfax, VA, EV3 Robotics Olympiad 5-6
"Our daughter likes doing math and loved going to math summer camp. Our son loved doing math even in the summer."
Ajay S, Fairfax, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 3-4
"I love the small classes, engaging instructors, and rigorous syllabus."
Michele B, Vienna, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6
"I was very impressed with this course my son attended. I felt everything was well-organized, the instruction was excellent, my son was thoroughly engaged, and I appreciated the open communication with the director and instructor."
Kirsten and Chris Z, Falls Church, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6
"Super quality! We liked that there was a before and after assessment for this class."
Stephanie and James M, Alexandria, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6
"Overall, the material and instructors keep the course interesting."
Gowri R, Herndon, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6
"This class involved great academics while also being fun for the kids, with great feedback from the teachers."
Amy F, Herndon, VA, Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6
"My son had a great time!"
Jason and Diana R, Chantilly, VA, Filmmaking 3-4
"My son loved the opportunity to work from start to finish on a project that allowed him to write, act, and work with the technology."
Nicole W, Alexandria, VA, Filmmaking 3-4
"My son loved this class!"
Cynthia and Todd T, Ashburn, VA, Filmmaking 5-6
"Our sons learned a lot and couldn’t stop telling us about all the different things they learned."
James and Anouche R, Middleburg, VA, Forensic Science 5-6
"This class had great teachers and a very engaging curriculum."
Patricia M, Arlington, VA, Forensic Science 7-9
"The course was enjoyable and informative."
Kathy K, Ashburn, VA, Forensic Science 7-9
"This class was a good match for my 11-year-old son. He felt comfortable in the class and had a lot of fun."
Robert and Alejandra C, Centreville, VA, GameMaker Studio 5-6
"Our daughter loved the games. This is great STEM inspiration and a perfect combination of logical thinking and creativity."
Stephanie M, Leesburg, VA, GameMaker Studio 5-6
"Our son thought this class was awesome."
Kelly N, Leesburg, VA, GameMaker Studio 5-6
"Learning about the human body is fascinating, and I think many kids would love the class."
Amare D, Alexandria, VA, Genetics 7-9
"My child had a great time, and the instructor was great."
Sarah and Tom M, Ashburn, VA, Genetics 7-9
"The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class interesting. Our daughter was excited to be at camp every day and was proud to show her work to everyone."
Gowri R, Herndon, VA, Graphic Design 5-6
"My son enjoyed each and every day of this class. Dissecting a sheep brain was definitely surprising!"
Vidya O, Vienna , VA, Human Biology and Anatomy 5-6
"Our son really liked the small class size and individual instruction."
Janette and David M, Sterling, VA, Intro to Algebra 7-9
"This was a very good class. I learned a lot from my instructor."
Jason K, Chantilly, VA, Intro to Algebra 7-9
"Our son really enjoyed this class."
Kelly N, Leesburg, VA, Intro to Robotics 3-4
"My son wasn’t sure if he would like this class, but after it was over he said it was awesome! Education + fun = the perfect summer camp."
Laurie K, Ashburn, VA, Inventing and 3D Printing 7-9
"Our son felt like this was a great class!"
Daniela and Culai S, Leesburg, VA, Loudoun AOS Prep 7-9
"This class was fun, informative, and well run. We will definitely be returning next year."
Carroll M, Fairfax Station, VA, Math Fundamentals 3-4
"Multiple place value division problems were difficult for my son, but he learned how to do them in this class."
Jina K, McLean, VA, Math Fundamentals 3-4
"Your staff and teachers are amazing. My daughter was proud of her work and eager to come in to camp every day. "
Margaret C, Alexandria, VA, Math Games 3-4
"This was a great class. Our son loved the games, and we loved hearing about the new ones."
Peter P, Arlington, VA, Math Games 3-4
"My kid really enjoyed her time in this class. She was excited and motivated each day to do better and push herself further."
Archana and Arun D, Mclean, VA, Middle School Debate 7-9
"Our daughter had a great time and learned a lot."
Kathy K, Ashburn, VA, Middle School Debate 7-9
"My son got to learn to do new things in Minecraft while playing the game all afternoon, which is his favorite thing to do!"
Heather and Christopher A, Herndon, VA, Minecraft Engineering 3-4
"My son loved the class!"
Sharon and Adam L, Arlington, VA, Mobile Games 5-6
"This was a great class. Our son was really inspired, and he is still working and improving on his own on projects he started in class."
James and Anouche R, Middleburg, VA, Mobile Games 5-6
"My son truly enjoyed this class. This has been the most interesting class for him in the past three to four years that he has been coming to Fairfax Collegiate."
Sunny M, Annandale, VA, Mock Trial 7-9
"My son loved the subject matter, and the teacher was amazing. Great class! "
Christina and Lee C, Vienna, VA, Model UN 7-9
"My daughter looked forward to going to her painting class every day and was sad when the class finished."
Donald M, Ashburn, VA, Painting 5-6
"This was engaging, creative, and had my son learning without feeling like being in school."
Rita and Warren B, Leesburg, VA, Photography 7-9
"This was a great class; my son loved it."
Sidarth K, Fairfax, VA, Prototyping and 3D Printing 5-6
"Our son thought this class was awesome."
Kelly N, Leesburg, VA, Prototyping and 3D Printing 5-6
"The instructor was very good, and the material was right on target."
Neelam and Darshan K, Great Falls, VA, Public Speaking 3-4
"The instructors were great, and they made this a really fun experience for my son."
Janette and David M, Sterling, VA, Python on Linux 7-9
"Our child really enjoyed this class. The instructor even provided feedback after the class"
Neelam and Darshan K, Great Falls, VA, Reading Reinforcement 3-4
"My son loved building and programming the robots, particularly when they got to have robot battles."
Heather and Christopher A, Herndon, VA, Robots in Space 3-4
"Our son had fun and learned a lot."
Peter P, Arlington, VA, Robots in Space 3-4
"The class was fun, informative, and well run. We will definitely be returning next year."
Carroll M, Fairfax Station, VA, Science Olympiad 3-4
"My son really enjoyed learning about working with sprites and how to make them move. He also enjoyed creating his own video game. This camp is fun and educational."
Leilani and Robert M, Chantilly, VA, Scratch with WeDo 3-4
"Our children had fun and learned a lot of programming!"
Peter P, Arlington, VA, Small Java 7-9
"My son really had fun making movies by posing still objects and taking pictures of them. This was one of his favorite camps this summer. We highly recommend this if your child has a creative streak."
Leilani and Robert M, Chantilly, VA, Stop-Motion Animation 3-4
"My daughter loved this class; it was interactive and a fun way of learning. She definitely learned a lot."
Sina and Dupe O, Alexandria, VA, Strategic Reading 5-6
"My son had such a good time the whole two weeks! He looked forward to his class."
Chhavi A, Chantilly, VA, The Writing Process 5-6
"My son has really enjoyed this class and has found it useful."
Akua K, Herndon, VA, TJ Exam Prep 7-8
"I felt like my son saw great improvement from the first to the last day, and the class gave him great tips."
Rubina S, Vienna, VA, TJ Exam Prep 7-8
"My daughter loved this class."
Tim N, Burke, VA, TJ SIS Essay Prep 7-9
"My son had a lot of fun in this class."
Laurie K, Ashburn, VA, Web Video 7-9
"I learned a lot of new things from my instructor in an educational and fun environment."
Jason K, Chantilly, VA, Writers' Workshop 7-9
"This provided a creative venue and different types of writing to practice."
Thomas L, Arlington, VA, Writers' Workshop 7-9
"Our son was motivated to do his writing assignments and loved going to this class. Our daughter loved this class, her teacher, and looked forward to her writing assignments."
Ajay S, Fairfax, VA, Writing and Revising 3-4
"Your staff and teachers are amazing. My daughter loved it and was very proud to discuss her work when she was home with me."
Margaret C, Alexandria, VA, Writing Fundamentals 3-4
"My child came to class and even enjoyed the writing assignments! That is a huge success. "
Craig A, Fairfax, VA, Writing Fundamentals 3-4
"I read some of the papers my child brought home. I’m very impressed with the writing and the feedback the teacher provided the student."
Deirdre and Karl A, Woodbridge, VA, Writing Skills and Grammar 5-6

Older Testimonials

"Two weeks ago I moved to San Francisco to start a job as a software engineer for Perpetual Entertainment, a developer of massively multiplayer online games. When on the job hunt, I was constantly asked where my interest in game development began. I always answered that 13 summers ago, I first started programming in QBasic at a small summer camp. The summer camp I was referring to was one of the first computer programming courses Steven Nossal taught as part of the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program. I would really appreciate it if somebody could pass this on to Steven somehow, as I think he would get a kick out of a former student hitting it big."
Chris White, San Francisco, CA
"My daughter, Jessie Rosenberg, attended your Summer Program several years ago. Jessie skipped high school altogether, graduated from Bryn Mawr last May, at 17, and is now a first year graduate student in Applied Physics at Caltech. She had not realized she was good at math, and liked it, until her summer with you. We can't recall her teacher's name from that summer, but he tested her (and others) before beginning the math instruction, and as I do recall she wound up somewhere in Algebra I. I'm not even sure she'd learned the multiplication table in school by then. Anyway, since that summer she's remained on a bee line for physics."
John Rosenberg, Charlottesville, VA
"This class was extremely beneficial to my daughter. We will definitely work on her problem areas.Her instructor was an exceptional teacher. My daughter really enjoyed the class and is motivated to do the things he has recommended she do to improve not only her SAT score but also skills that will serve her well everyday. Great program overall."
Ms. Chandler, Alexandria, VA
"Matthew really enjoyed his two weeks at your summer program. We've watched his movie several times and he loves showing it to us. He also got a lot out of the writing program, telling us that he learned a lot about punctuation. He seemed very proud of his accomplishments. And he has already asked to go back next year -- he's interested in taking the robotics class! Thanks for a great program."
Hilary and Steven Valley, Parents
“I highly recommend sending any child who is interested in computer programming to Fairfax Collegiate. The staff at Fairfax Collegiate is simply the best—attentive, professional, and accommodating. My 12 year old son was excited every day he attended class and was eager to work hard under the tutelage of young, bright teachers who brought the best out in him. He learned to program in a snap and developed an avid interest in programming. Hats off to Fairfax Collegiate for no small feat!”
Carolyn Cukierman, McLean, VA
"My children (4th and 6th grades) took a variety of summer classes, including math, drama, video, computers, and Spanish. Each class was small and included lots of individualized attention. The wonderful staff really made learning fun for them, and they are enthusiastic about attending next summer."
Deborah Forbes , Falls Church, VA
"In this summer camp, Andy, made friends, met SAT challenges (although he was only a fifth grader), learned how computer code makes a ball bounce, how grammar is different from writing, and shot and edited a video project with other campers. This is a program tailored to provide learning environment appropriate to all ages, which Andy enjoys and loves to return."
Sheila Qu, Herndon, VA
"The instructors are very nice at Fairfax Collegiate, making it a great learning experience."
Zane Ziebell, Glasgow M.S.
“The SAT prep course helped me become more comfortable with the test format and question types, which helped me score a 1400 combined on the mathematics and verbal sections.”
Samantha Palazzolo, Bishop O’Connell H.S.
“The instructor made the course entertaining and fun, two adjectives I never thought could modify the SAT!”
Michael Leite, Trinity H.S., Meadow View

Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program Video