Design, manufacture, assemble, test, and think like an engineer.

Engineers are the makers and problem solvers of the modern world. Their ideas shape our technology, from molecules to machines to skyscrapers. Wherever human ingenuity is used to create something new, there’s a team of engineers behind it.

At Fairfax Collegiate, we help students learn about these engineers and what they do. Our courses are designed around hands-on activities and projects that give students an authentic chance to learn how things work and then redesign and build to the limits of their imagination.

Each of our courses represents a real field of engineering, as well as connecting to one or more of the four primary disciplines of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil.

Elementary and middle school is the perfect time for students to get involved in engineering, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Engineering nurtures curiosity and creativity. Young children love to break things down and build them back up, and engineering helps nurture these instincts.
  • Engineering unifies STEM and makes students into problem solvers. Instead of performing science experiments or solving math problems in isolation, engineering challenges students to integrate everything they know.
  • Career opportunities for engineers are increasing faster than schools can keep up. Enrolling students in engineering classes helps unlock interests and opportunities that they might otherwise never know exist.