Where do you attend school and what activities are you involved in?

I attend the University of Virginia where I study mathematics and computer science. I am also a member of the Undergraduate Math Club.

What have your teaching opportunities been outside of Fairfax Collegiate?

In high school, I tutored math and science subjects in a variety of settings. I also teach in the indoor drumline activity at the high school level and have assisted with middle school concert percussion classes.

What subjects have you taught with Fairfax Collegiate in the past?

I have been with Fairfax Collegiate since 2022, teaching classes in math, programming, test prep, and ACL prep.

What sort of experience have you had in the subject you’ll be teaching this summer?

I have a passion for math! I just finished the honors freshman math sequence at UVA (proof-based calculus, linear algebra, and analysis), and intend to study the subject at the graduate level.

What excites you about teaching and working with students?

For me, teaching math is an amazing way to share my love of STEM with students. I hope to bring enthusiasm and energy into the classroom this summer, helping my classes refine their problem-solving skills while gaining an appreciation for the subject.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

Outside of math, I am an avid snare drummer, both as a member of the UVA Marching Band / Drumline and Spectre Percussion, a WGI organization based in Richmond. I also enjoy playing other percussion instruments and the bass guitar.

Matthew Werfel
2024 Summer Program Teaching Schedule