Where do you attend school and what activities are you involved in?

I'm a student at Virginia Tech majoring in Smart & Sustainable Cities (Urban Planning) with a minor in Human-Computer Interaction.

What have your teaching opportunities been outside of Fairfax Collegiate?

I was a teacher intern at a summer camp where we delivered over 100 hours of engaging instruction by proposing, incorporating, and analyzing lesson plans. Moreover, we personalized the learning experience by creating and tailoring individual lesson plans for the entire three-week duration of the curriculum, fostering a comprehensive and effective educational environment.

What subjects have you taught with Fairfax Collegiate in the past?

I started teaching with Fairfax Collegiate in the summer of 2023, teaching math and digital/graphic design.

What sort of experience have you had in the subject you’ll be teaching this summer?

I've completed math courses through AP Calculus BC, and last year as an instructor I helped guide students with Advanced Math 5-6 at Fairfax Collegiate.

What excites you about teaching and working with students?

I am looking forward to helping students learn more about math by exploring new concepts, learning new methods and materials, and seeing them grow academically. I want to be a part of the students' educational journey and make a positive impact on their lives at Fairfax Collegiate.

Outside of work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?

Design + technology, sketching & painting, volunteering, journaling, and playing tennis.

Daniel Kim
2024 Summer Program Teaching Schedule