Where do you attend school and what activities are you involved in?

I am attending the University of Virginia majoring in Computer Science. I am currently responsible for helping manage the websites of some campus organizations. In high school, I was Co-President of a robotics club, Co-captain of the varsity swim team, lecturer for the website development club, and secretary of the mobile applications club.

What have your teaching opportunities been outside of Fairfax Collegiate?

I have plenty of experience teaching and tutoring; in fact, last year, I was the TA for the beginner and advanced Python programming course offered by Fairfax Collegiate. Before that, I helped co-found a non-profit organization, called COSMOS, that taught students how to program and build circuits simultaneously in a language called Arduino. During quarantine, I also volunteered as a class teacher of an advanced Java course offered by another non-profit organization called Codefy.

What subjects have you taught with Fairfax Collegiate in the past?

I was a TA at Fairfax Collegiate last year for the beginner and advanced Python courses at the McLean location.

What sort of experience have you had in the subject you’ll be teaching this summer?

I have been programming for half a decade by now, and have completed advanced courses and projects involving Python. For example, I completed a course about artificial intelligence where I learned how to build and test my own neural network with Python. I've also programmed various algorithms in Python that were meant to solve puzzles like crosswords and slider puzzles, and I even coded an algorithm that people can play Othello against.

Evan Zhang
2024 Summer Program Teaching Schedule