Virginia Geometry

Rising Grades 7 to 9

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Prepare for the challenges of high school Geometry.

Virginia Geometry is for students who want to study high school-level Geometry skills - either as a review of what they learned last school year or to get a head start on the new year ahead.

Students may enroll in Virginia Math courses multiple times during the summer and continue their progress across multiple sessions. Topics are based on the HS Geometry curriculum used in local schools, including: parallel/perpendicular lines, triangles, congruence/similarity, polygons, circles, solid figures, and transformations.

Students work at a truly individualized pace for the first part of the day, cycling through mini-lessons, guided practice, and individual skill building. Instructors rotate frequently among students, ensuring that everyone receives ample personalized instruction and coaching. The typical student-to-teacher ratio is 6 to 1.

In the second part of the day, students work together on group challenge activities selected by the instructor. These activities include open-ended creative puzzles, competition problems, and real-world applications.

The class workbook, Virginia Geometry, is developed in-house by Fairfax Collegiate’s team of experienced and professional educators.

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