Filmmaking Courses


Students learn to plan, write, shoot, edit, and complete post-production on a digital video short film.

Students learn about the basics of film, shot composition, scripting, storyboarding, and the pre-production phase of filmmaking. Students then move on to act out scripts and shoot the film using boom mics, and professional Panasonic DVX- 100 digital video cameras.

Using Final Cut Express, students can edit their raw footage to complete the post-production phase. Students take home a DVD of their short film at the end of class.

Grades: 3-6, 6-8

Stop Motion Animation

Students use still cameras, audio recorders, and Final Cut Express to create stop-motion animation projects.

Film projects can be created from LEGO blocks, modeling clay, action figures, and other ‘found objects’ used for settings or props.

The course provides an overview of photography, sound recording, and video editing as part of the filmmaking process. An emphasis is placed on creativity and innovation, as students use their imagination and ingenuity to create their films.

Grades: 3-6, 6-8