After School Clubs Courses

Brain Games Club

Students develop logical and mathematical thinking by playing games, completing puzzles, and analyzing strategies. Games and puzzles include checkers, chess, Go, Monopoly, Hoshiwokokeru, Math 24, Stratego, Resistance, Rubik’s cubes, and math enrichment games. Students of all math and academic levels are welcome to join.

Grades: 1-3, 4-6

Debate Club

This club introduces students to parliamentary debate. Debate topics are both challenging and directly relevant to students. The rule structure begins less rigid than standard parliamentary debate rules before the students move into formal debates. Group exercises develop public speaking, critical reasoning, argument construction, rebuttal, and evidence presentation skills. Students with any level of debate experience are welcome to join.

Grades: 3-6, 6-8

EV3 Robotics Club

This club focuses on LEGO's EV3 robotics platform. Students design, construct, and program their robots to perform in sensor-based challenges, as well as robotic competitions. Initial student projects include hill climbing, beacon retrieval, color sensor navigation, and robot combat. Advanced programming and more complex robotics tasks are available for students ready for additional challenges. Students with any level of robotics experience are welcome to join.

Grades: 3-6, 6-8

Minecraft Club

Turn the Minecraft computer game into an educational experience. Students will learn how to install, run and eventually create customized Minecraft mods. They will also set up and join a curated private server, customize graphics and gameplay, and develop their problem-solving and teamwork skills as they tackle a wide variety of challenges together with their classmates. Students of any Minecraft level can join and expect to be challenged and engaged.

Grades: 1-3, 3-6, 6-8

Speech Club

Students write and deliver short speeches and presentations on topics of their own choosing in a comfortable setting. Instructors provide detailed individual suggestions for improving both content and delivery. Students learn how to encourage each other and provide constructive feedback. Students with any level of public speaking experience are welcome to join.

Grades: 3-6, 6-8

A student gives a persuasive speech in front of the class.

WeDo Robotics

WeDo Robotics introduces young students to simple robotics systems in a fun and engaging way. Students will build LEGO models with functional motors and sensors, and learn how to control them with basic programming skills. Basic engineering concepts will be explored and a new robot model will be built and explored each class period.

Returning students looking for additional WeDo robotics challenges will use an expanded construction set to build more complex mechanisms and robots, and use their innovation and critical thinking skills to engineer their own creative solutions to exciting challenges.

Grades: K-3