Simon Dockstader is a current undergraduate student at The Ohio State University pursuing a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He has years of experience in computer-controlled fabrication and computer-aided design (CAD) and has applied that knowledge in both personal and academic projects. He continues to pursue projects in his main area of expertise- automotive engineering.

Simon loves teaching new concepts and exploring complex topics with other students, something he reinforced as a part of Oakton High School's Math Honor Society and a member of Oakton High School's peer tutoring group. He believes in the importance of mentoring others, whether it be in an academic, athletic, or personal setting.

Simon attended multiple Fairfax Collegiate classes when he was younger, and taught last summer with Fairfax Collegiate as a Lead Assistant Instructor in Mathematics and Science classes. He's very excited to be back as an Instructor teaching Mathematics, Science, Reading, and Public Speaking!

2023 Summer Program Teaching Schedule