Advanced Math 5-6

Rising Grades 5 to 6

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Catch up on core concepts from early high school math courses.

Advanced Math 5-6 allows accelerated students to access Grade 7 Math and Grade 8/Pre-Algebra together with classmates who are also rising fifth and sixth graders.

Topics are based on the Grade 7 Math and Grade 8/Pre-Algebra curriculum used in local schools, including: rational/real numbers, linear functions, exponents, algebraic expressions/equations/inequalities, geometry, volume/surface area, and probability/statistics.

Students work at a truly individualized pace for the first part of the day, cycling through mini-lessons, guided practice, and individual skill building. Instructors rotate frequently among students, ensuring that everyone receives ample personalized instruction and coaching. The typical student-to-teacher ratio is 6 to 1.

In the second part of the day, students work together on group challenge activities selected by the instructor. These activities include open-ended creative puzzles, competition problems, and real-world applications.

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