Virginia Tutoring

Our Story

Fairfax Collegiate has provided math and writing courses to Virginia families since 1993, using curriculum developed by professional teachers in small class settings. These courses have helped countless students meet and exceed state standards.

Fairfax Collegiate is now offering one-on-one online tutoring in these subjects to help students master fundamentals and go on to excel. Through this, Fairfax Collegiate aims to expand beyond the Summer Program and provide year-round support to families in the area.


Fairfax Collegiate’s tutors have taught during our summer and year-round programs in the past. Our staff are typically undergraduate and graduate students at top-tier universities with extensive experience in tutoring academic subjects.

This combination of past tutoring and familiarity with Fairfax Collegiate's curriculum make them uniquely qualified to deliver effective lessons to your child through tutoring. Learn more about our staff members at our Instructors page.


Professional teachers develop the curriculum for Fairfax Collegiate's math and writing courses. We emphasize individualziation to meet a variety of student needs, which makes the transition to one-on-one tutoring seamless.

The curriculum also provides a mixture of lecture material, discussion, and individual practice to keep students engaged throughout their tutoring session.

Math Tutoring

Math tutors reinforce fundamentals before moving on to more advanced content. Students can quickly move to higher-level material because tutors meet their individual needs; students aren't held back by the pace of a larger class.

Through working with a tutor who understands their needs, students develop a greater appreciation of math and a boost in their confidence. By working at their own pace, students who need remediation do not feel as much pressure to get ahead, and students who need a challenge can readily get that.

Writing Tutoring

Writing tutors teach students how to express their thoughts and arguments more effectively, through reinforcing skills in grammar, mechanics, organization, and familiarity with the writing process. Tutors pinpoint the specific areas students need help in and focus on those to improve a student's overall writing style.

Tutoring sessions help students improve their own writing in school, and tutors also provide independent assignments from Fairfax Collegiate's curriculum for students to further build their skills.

Use Learning Acceleration Grants

Since this is a math and writing tutoring program and Fairfax Collegiate is an approved vendor, tutoring is eligible to be covered by K-12 Learning Acceleration Grants. If your family has a Learning Acceleration Grant from the Virginia Department of Education, the fee for a block of tutoring sessions will be waived, and we will send you an invoice to submit to ClassWallet. If your family has a $1500 grant, this must be used up before December 31, 2023.

How to Get Started

Use the inquiry form below to indicate your interest in tutoring. One tutoring block consists of eight one-hour meetings for either math or writing and costs $500 per eight-meeting block. After completing the form, your family will be assigned a tutor within one week based on mutual availability and course interest. You and the tutor will then work out a schedule of meeting times on your own. After you have confirmed that you have eight meetings set up, we will send you a statement to confirm your enrollment in tutoring.