Virginia Calculus

Rising Grades 9 to 12

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Get ready to tackle one of the most advanced high school-level math courses.

Virginia Calculus is for students who want to study high school-level calculus concepts - either as a review of what they learned last school year or to get a head start on the new year ahead. Topics are based on the Calculus curriculum used in local schools and College Board guidelines, including: limits, continuity, simple and composite differentiation, inverse functions, integration, differential equations, and applications of differentiation/integration.

Students work individually or in small groups on the same set of lessons and practice exercises (instructors provide accelerated students with more challenging work). Instructors rotate frequently among groups, ensuring that everyone receives ample personalized instruction and coaching. The typical student-to-teacher ratio is 8 to 1.

Due to the individualized nature of the class, students may enroll in Virginia Math courses multiple times during the summer and continue their progress across multiple sessions.

Families attending online will need to order a copy of the course textbook from Amazon ( or any other retailer of their choice. (Fairfax Collegiate provides textbooks for families attending in-person)

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