TJ Problem-Solving Essay

Rising Grades 7 to 8

Prepare for the Thomas Jefferson High School admissions process, with an emphasis on strategizing for the Problem-Solving Essay question and response.

The course is fully up to date for the revisions implemented by the FCPS School Board during the 2020-2021 school year, and guides students through the details of the new admissions process.

Students practice answering a variety of Problem-Solving Essay prompts, which require a written answer and explanation for a challenging, multi-variable mathematics- or science-related problem. They also learn a framework for responding to the Student Portrait Sheet essay prompts, and learn what the TJ Admissions Committee is looking for in their essays.

Each class meeting includes instruction and feedback to support students in efficiently writing organized, informative, and grammatically correct essays under time constraints. In this course, instructor feedback emphasizes student progress on Problem-Solving Essays, developing strategies to highlight the STEM strengths of each student within the time constraints.

The course also features information about the opportunities available to TJ students, and a chance to hear from TJ alumni about their experiences.