Get on the leading edge and play in the future.

Unlike science, engineering, and programming courses that aim to develop broad background knowledge, Fairfax Collegiate's Technology courses focus on the application of STEM principles to emerging and futuristic platforms - that means thinking like a scientist or engineer as you progress from exploring the basics of a new technology to learning how to program it to perform more detailed tasks.

Naturally curious students love to get their hands on devices such as robotic brains, 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, and unmanned flying aircraft, and to see what they can accomplish under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors. Opportunities to work with these types of technologies can be a powerful formative experience since they're both highly engaging and educational, help spark students' interests in new directions, and help them appreciate STEM principles from new perspectives.

All courses are designed around challenging projects aligned to students' grade level and academic backgrounds, and work equally well for total beginners and for those who have some experience using the technology already.