Scratch Programming

Rising Grades 3 to 4

Have fun writing programs with Scratch, a visual, block-based programming language for young learners.

Scratch ( is considered one of the most effective methods for introducing programming concepts to children. Instead of the text-based commands typically used in formal programming languages, Scratch softens the learning curve with a colorful interface in which students snap together virtual blocks to build their programs.

Class topics include commands for motion, appearance, sound, control structures such as conditional logic and event triggers, and variables.

Projects include creating a variety of interactive stories, movies, animations, and games. In the second week of class, students learn to use microphones, cameras, and everyday objects to customize their projects even further.

Creative students thrive on the chance to add their own artwork, animations, scenery, and dialogue to each project. Students who enjoy math and logic find equal opportunity making connections to math topics learned in school. Both approaches are equally rewarding, and the skills students acquire through Scratch can lead naturally into both computer science and computer animation.

"My son really enjoyed learning about working with sprites and how to make them move. He also enjoyed creating his own video game. This camp is fun and educational."

- Leilani and Robert M, Chantilly, VA