Math Games

Rising Grades 3 to 4

K-12 Learning Acceleration Grant Eligible

Explore the fun and practical side of math with this game-themed course.

Students learn and play a variety of math-centered board games and puzzles to practice and improve their quantitative and logical reasoning skills. Examples of games include Equate, 24 Game, and Swish. Recurring themes include number sense, mental math, game theory, and spatial reasoning.

As a final project, students choose a game and make a new version with an altered ruleset. Then, they give a short presentation on their new game and playtest it with their classmates.

"Your staff and teachers are amazing. My daughter was proud of her work and eager to come in to camp every day. "

- Margaret C, Alexandria, VA

"This was a great class. Our son loved the games, and we loved hearing about the new ones."

- Peter P, Arlington, VA