Gaming at Fairfax Collegiate - it’s more than just games.

The notion that video games are only for entertainment is rapidly changing. Many high schools and colleges have begun to recognize competitive video gaming (also known as esports) alongside traditional athletics and student clubs.

This shift is supported by a growing body of research showing that organized gaming provides students with a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • turning an isolating hobby into a social experience
  • promoting an inclusive environment since many different types of people play games
  • learning to deal with the emotional pressures of competition, winning, and losing
  • building relationships with peers and sponsors/coaches
  • helping students recognize the value of communication, planning, and leadership

At Fairfax Collegiate, we believe this movement will continue to grow, and our Gaming courses are designed to help support students and their parents learn what organized gaming is all about.

Through playing games, we give students the opportunity to hone their logical and strategic thinking skills as well as helping them practice good sportsmanship and teamwork. Additional benefits include the chance to learn about computer technology, assemble gaming PCs from their component parts, learn programming skills by scripting Minecraft and developing and exporting mods, and setting up and running game servers.