Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6

Rising Grades 5 to 6

Build confidence with the most important Grade 5-6 Math topics before the start of the new school year.

Fairfax Collegiate Math 5-6 is a one-week class that focuses on the most important Grade 5-6 math topics so students can enter the new year with confidence.

In contrast to Virginia Math 5-6, students work together on the same set of lessons and practice exercises (instructors provide accelerated students with more challenging work). Instructors work individually with students during practice time to provide one-on-one assistance and coaching.

Each day’s schedule also includes practice activities and review games for variety and to promote student engagement.

"I love the small classes, engaging instructors, and rigorous syllabus."

- Michele B, Vienna, VA

"I was very impressed with this course my son attended. I felt everything was well-organized, the instruction was excellent, my son was thoroughly engaged, and I appreciated the open communication with the director and instructor."

- Kirsten and Chris Z, Falls Church, VA

"Super quality! We liked that there was a before and after assessment for this class."

- Stephanie and James M, Alexandria, VA

"Overall, the material and instructors keep the course interesting."

- Gowri R, Herndon, VA

"This class involved great academics while also being fun for the kids, with great feedback from the teachers."

- Amy F, Herndon, VA