Exploring TJ

Rising Grades 6 to 7

Learn about TJ, and get set for high school success no matter what school you attend.

Students need more than good grades to distinguish themselves as strong applicants to TJ. In this course, students will learn about the TJ admissions process from the vantage point of having one or more years before they would apply.

Lessons and practice time focus on writing personal statements and solving complex word problems, which are necessary skills for TJ's writing assessment - but what applicants write about is equally as important as how well they write.

Activities and discussions, therefore, focus on opportunities to develop students' interests in a way that will provide them with a body of experience to draw on for their writing. Instructors will also invite them to consider how they would use their time at TJ if selected for admission. Some students may reflect on what they learn in this course and decide that TJ is not the best place for them to pursue their goals.

Please note that this course is not recommended for rising 8th graders who will enter the TJ admissions process in the upcoming fall.