Have fun and develop writing skills in a small-group setting! Improve grammar, mechanics, organization, word choice, clarity, and style. Our instructors are experienced writers, and provide each student with individual attention and detailed suggestions for improvement.

Math is more than just a letter on a report card. We understand that every student who enrolls with Fairfax Collegiate has a unique background, comfort level, and attitude towards math. Our curriculum takes these differences into account while providing several other benefits.

Get excited about science, and advance the boundaries of your scientific knowledge the way professional scientists do--by reading, thinking, discussing, hypothesizing, and experimenting! Science majors teach our in-depth, seminar-style, hands-on science courses. Their passion for science and expert knowledge make all the difference.
High-stakes tests such as the SAT, ACT, or TJ Admissions Exam can be stressful or overwhelming for even the most diligent students. Our instructors and curriculum are designed to get students comfortable with the test content and format, and help manage test anxiety.
Speak out, speak up, and get a gift for gab! Learn how to deliver a great speech, make a persuasive argument, have your day in court, and even negotiate world peace. Public speaking can be intimidating, but our sympathetic instructors and small classes create a supportive environment where even shy students feel comfortable coming out of their shells.

Our engineering courses are designed around hands-on activities and projects. Each of our courses represents a real field of engineering, as well as connecting to one or more of the four primary disciplines of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil.

Educational technology is an important component of STEM programs. These courses put devices such as robotic brains, virtual reality headsets, and unmanned flying aircraft into students’ hands, and then let them rapidly learn to build and program them to achieve impressive results.

“Software is eating the world.”Mark Andreessen

Every year computing devices are faster, smaller, and cheaper, and computer software gains new capabilities. Computers have profoundly altered most fields of human activity. In the modern world, there is a huge advantage to being able to leverage computers in new ways. Learning how computer software works is extremely valuable, even if one does not aspire to be a professional software developer.

Fairfax Collegiate programming courses work well for students with varied interest in, exposure to, and aptitude for programming. Courses assume no prior programming experience. Open-ended projects engage and challenge beginners and experienced programmers alike. Topics, activities, and the pace of instruction are age-appropriate. Courses focus on real programming languages and set students up for success in more advanced programming courses, in high school and beyond.

Instructors are computer science majors at selective universities who have demonstrated superior teaching and communication skills as well as a mastery of programming.

Pick up a computer or digital camera and let your artistic creativity flow! Learn about computer graphics, design your dream house, create sophisticated web pages, pioneer new forms of digital journalism, or master photography with point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras. In the age of the computer, your only limitation is your imagination.
This summer, “Creative Mode” takes on a brand new meaning. Learn how to make your own Minecraft mods and minigames, run a server, and harness the power of programming to build cities with a single click. Students are sure to dig this chance to customize every aspect of the game!

Filmmaking and video are today’s most influential communications media. Outstanding communicators must be able to create—not just consume—video in its myriad forms.

Fairfax Collegiate filmmaking courses build technical skills, creative skills, and the skills required to work collaboratively in a creative endeavor. Students brainstorm ideas as a group, write and revise formatted scripts, operate sophisticated cameras, microphones, and lights, and edit videos using industry-standard software.