Have fun and develop writing skills in a small-group setting! Improve grammar, mechanics, organization, word choice, clarity, and style. Our instructors are experienced writers, and provide each student with individual attention and detailed suggestions for improvement.
Keep those math muscles toned over the summer and prevent math flab! Shore up basic skills, learn new concepts, prepare for fall courses, get ready for math contests, or explore math topics outside the middle school mainstream. Our mastery-based, small group classes allow instructors to tailor assignments to students' individual needs and paces.
Get excited about science, and advance the boundaries of your scientific knowledge the way professional scientists do--by reading, thinking, discussing, hypothesizing, and experimenting! Science majors teach our in-depth, seminar-style, hands-on science courses. Their passion for science and expert knowledge make all the difference.
Don't panic--prepare. Like it or not, high-stakes standardized testing is the reality today for many middle school and even elementary school students. Learn the ins and outs of the T.J. Admissions Exam, PSAT/SAT, SOL, or Loudoun AOS exams, and how to write a great exam essay under time pressure.
Speak out, speak up, and get a gift for gab! Learn how to deliver a great speech, make a persuasive argument, have your day in court, and even negotiate world peace. Public speaking can be intimidating, but our sympathetic instructors and small classes create a supportive environment where even shy students feel comfortable coming out of their shells.

Our engineering courses are designed around hands-on activities and projects. Each of our courses represents a real field of engineering, as well as connecting to one or more of the four primary disciplines of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil.

Master the robots or the robots will master you! Learn about engineering, electronics, and programming by designing, building, and controlling LEGO Mindstorms EV3, NXT, or VEX robots. Create new forms of life out of LEGO components, explore applications or robotics in archaeology, learn RobotC, or if you dare, enter our robotics combat arena.
Beginners welcome! Write your own computer games and learn the fundamentals of computer science. Practice logical thinking, acquire valuable skills, and most important, have fun and learn!
Pick up a computer or digital camera and let your artistic creativity flow! Learn about computer graphics, design your dream house, create sophisticated web pages, pioneer new forms of digital journalism, or master photography with point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras. In the age of the computer, your only limitation is your imagination.
This summer, “Creative Mode” takes on a brand new meaning. Learn how to make your own Minecraft mods and minigames, run a server, and harness the power of programming to build cities with a single click. Students are sure to dig this chance to customize every aspect of the game!
Write, direct, perform in, and edit your very own films, or study classical theatre acting! Learn how to make a film the way the pros do it–with a properly formatted script, a sophisticated camera, a boom mike, and powerful video editing software. When your masterpiece is done, put your film on the Internet and enter it into film contests.