Online Debate League

Monthly Online Debate Tournaments

Tournaments are a way for students to put the skills they have learned to use as they compete in three-person teams against members of other debate clubs, and a champion is declared.

Debate topics are decided a week in advance of the tournament, giving students ample time to prepare before learning what side they will argue for on the tournament day.

After receiving their Proposition/Opposition assignment, students work in their three-person teams to compile their research and develop their speeches. Each round gives students time to discuss arguments and counterarguments before each speech and allows the judges to give students a detailed briefing about their performance. Winning teams progress to further rounds on their journey to win the tournament.

Debate Session Tournament Date Club Registration
January 1/30/2021 January Clubs
February 2/27/2021 February Clubs
March 3/27/2021 March Clubs
April 5/1/2021 April Clubs
May 6/5/2021 May Clubs