Write | Discuss | Revise

Fairfax Collegiate Write | Discuss | Revise is a program of premium writing courses. Each Write | Discuss | Revise course provides challenging content, direct instruction in writing, weekly reading and writing assignments, and individual writing conferences with the teacher. Write | Discuss | Revise is for students who seek to go beyond what they are learning at school and take their reading and writing to the next level.

Each Write | Discuss | Revise course meets weekly over Zoom for eight weeks, and each class is seventy-five minutes. There are four to ten students in each class section.

Write | Discuss | Revise courses provide direct instruction in writing. Students practice writing complex sentences about the content they are learning. Grammar is taught in the context of writing. Students also practice note-taking, planning, outlining, revising, and editing.

Middle and high school students in Write | Discuss | Revise courses read about 30 pages and write a one to two-page paper each week. Writing assignments require students to summarize, analyze, and respond to reading assignments. 

Each student meets individually with the instructor each week over Zoom for a ten-minute writing conference. Conferences focus on planning drafts and revisions, not on editing grammar and spelling.

The result of Write | Discuss | Revise is that students learn to write persuasively about abstract ideas.