Fairfax Collegiate Fall TJ Exam Boot Camps

Fairfax Collegiate will offer two TJ Exam boot camps in the fall. These boot camps are designed for 8th graders who will take the TJ Entrance Exam this year on November 10 and would like to sharpen their skills to gain an edge. They are open to students who have taken classes in the past to prepare for the exam, including our own summer courses, as well as students who have not yet had any previous formal preparation. The boot camps are:

TJ Exam Math Boot Camp

  • Students practice the various concepts tested on the Quant-Q mathematics test
  • Students learn how to solve complex problems logically using their knowledge of math
  • Students review and practice algebraic concepts and the importance of patterns
  • Students practice problems involving probability, permutations, and combinations
  • Students learn how to effectively and efficiently confront word problems
  • Students learn about geometry and optimization and practice those topics in a test-like setting
  • The class runs each Saturday from 9/29 through 11/3 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • The class is held in our main office at 722 Grant Street, Suite J in Herndon
  • The fee for the class is $500
  • Enrollment limit: 12 students

TJ Exam Verbal/Science Boot Camp

  • Students learn how to answer questions regarding Reading and Science passages in the ACT Aspire test
  • Students make inferences, summarize, find details, form connections, and organize a sequence of events in literature passages
  • Students understand how to avoid misleading answer choices in the Reading section
  • Students learn how scientific experiments are designed and presented to an audience
  • Students learn how to interpret data, evaluate hypotheses, and gather information from tables and graphs
  • Students understand how to read a scientific report and how to use the information in it to answer questions related to the report
  • The class runs each Sunday from 9/30 through 11/4 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • The class is held in our main office at 722 Grant Street, Suite J in Herndon
  • The fee for the class is $500
  • Enrollment limit: 12 students

Fairfax Collegiate has offered summer TJ Test Prep courses since 2004, and each summer over 300 students attend our TJ Test Prep courses.

The Fall TJ Test Prep Boot Camps feature our proprietary Fairfax Collegiate TJ Test Prep workbook, which has been updated with new practice problems and updated topics. We augment our workbook with a variety of commercially published test prep material.

The fee for each boot camp (six class sessions) is $500. There is a discount of $50 for attending both the math and the verbal/science boot camps. Each boot camp has a strict enrollment limit of 12 students, so we encourage interested families to register as soon as possible.

For more information, please email our registrar at registrar@fairfaxcollegiate.com, or call us at 703 481-3080.

Request Fairfax Collegiate Fall TJ Prep Registration

TJ Math Boot Camp
TJ Verbal/Science Boot Camp

We will process registration requests in the order received. Each class has a strict enrollment limit of 12 students. If a space is available, the registrar will email an invoice with payment instructions. If a space is not available, the registrar will offer to add your student to the waiting list.