Accelerated Python

Learn what's covered in Basic Python I and Basic Python II in half the time.

Topics include variables, strings, numbers, comments, if statements, lists, dictionaries, user input, while loops, functions, classes, files exceptions, debugging, unit testing, code editors, and source control.

Summer 2022 Accelerated Python Class Sections

Online Location

Session Dates Location Time
Session I 6/13/2022 - 6/24/2022 Online Afternoon
Session II 6/27/2022 - 7/8/2022 Online Morning
Session III 7/11/2022 - 7/22/2022 Online Afternoon
Session IV 7/25/2022 - 8/5/2022 Online Afternoon
Session V 8/8/2022 - 8/19/2022 Online Morning