Algebra Course Boost

Prepare for next year's Algebra class with an overview of graphing, solving equations, and the quadratic formula.

Topics include: evaluating expressions, the language of algebra, solving equations and systems of equations, relations and functions, slope, graphing and writing linear equations, simplifying exponents, operations on polynomials, factoring, and solving quadratic equations.

Students take a diagnostic test on the first day of class to help the instructor determine the optimal selection and pacing of topics for their needs.

Each day's schedule includes small-group instruction, individual practice, one-on-one coaching, enrichment, and math games.

If you are looking for an in-person option this summer, please see our Intro to Algebra 7-9 course.

Summer 2022 Algebra Course Boost Class Sections

Online Location

Session Dates Location Time
Session I 6/13/2022 - 6/24/2022 Online Morning
Session II 6/27/2022 - 7/8/2022 Online Afternoon
Session III 7/11/2022 - 7/22/2022 Online Morning
Session IV 7/25/2022 - 8/5/2022 Online Afternoon
Session V 8/8/2022 - 8/19/2022 Online Morning