Measurement and Geometry 5-6

This course will push all 5th and 6th-grade students to grapple with rigorous yet approach geometry. Students in this class will be challenged but will grow exceptionally. Topics begin at the 5th-grade level and progressively move into an 8th-grade level. Topics include (but are not limited to) angles (complementary, supplementary, vertical, right, acute, obtuse), sum of interior angles of a triangle, coordinate plane introduction, graphing ordered pairs, translations, reflections, rotations, the Pythagorean theorem, volume and surface area of many 3D figures (rectangular prisms, cones, cylinders, and square-based pyramids), circles (diameter, radius, chord, circumference, area, pi) area and perimeter of triangles and rectangles, right triangles, congruence and similarity of polygons, corresponding sides and angles of similar quadrilaterals and triangles, applying transformation to polygons, area and perimeter problems involving composite plane figures, distance formula, and midpoint formula.


  • Students must have a device with a microphone and a camera
  • A device with a keyboard is recommended, but optional
  • Students must have access to a printer
  • Students must have a reliable internet connection

Summer 2021 Measurement and Geometry 5-6 Class Sections

In-Person Locations

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Summer 2021 Measurement and Geometry 5-6 Class Sections

Online Location

Session Dates Location Time
Session I 6/14/2021 - 6/25/2021 Online Morning
Session V 8/9/2021 - 8/20/2021 Online Morning (Call for waitlist)