3D Engineering 5-6

Apply 3D printing and modeling skills to a variety of real-world practical or engineering problems.

3D printing technology can be used in many ways: printers can create toys and puzzles, but can just as easily be used for applications like household repairs or commercial manufacturing. In this course, students learn to recognize problems and develop 3D printed solutions, as well as tackle engineering challenges such as a bridge-building competition.

As a final project, students create and then print prototypes of a device or invention of their own design.

Students with no prior 3D printing experience are welcome to take this course.

Summer 2020 3D Engineering 5-6 Class Sections

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"This was a great class; my son loved it."

- Sidarth K, Fairfax, VA

"Our son thought this class was awesome."

- Kelly N, Leesburg, VA