Environmental Engineering 5-6

In this hands-on combination of civil and chemical engineering, students learn about how human civilization impacts the planet and modern efforts to protect the environment.

Lessons include information about landfill and recycling programs, the source and consequences of different types of pollution, composting, desalination, and microplastics.

Student projects include small-scale oil spill recovery, water quality testing, building and designing an air purifier, and an activity where they make recycled paper out of pulp.

Summer 2019 Environmental Engineering 5-6 Class Sections

Session Dates Location Time
Session I 6/17/2019 - 6/28/2019 Tysons Afternoon
Session II 7/1/2019 - 7/12/2019 Alexandria Afternoon
Session III 7/15/2019 - 7/26/2019 Dulles Afternoon
Session IV 7/29/2019 - 8/9/2019 Vienna Afternoon