Mariam is an educator that recently attained her Master's degree in Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners prek-3 at George Mason University. She is currently completing her teaching licensure and plans to teach internationally for the first half of 2022 before returning to teach in American public schools. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Integrated Studies with a focus in Advertising and brings a holistic and experiential perspective to learning in the classroom. She is a creative and energetic individual and finds young learners to be stimulating providers of teachable moments. Mariam likes to help children step outside their comfort zones to unlock their potential and discover their hidden strengths and talents. As a brain trainer Mariam has gained five years of experience helping students strengthen their cognitive skills through vigorous mental exercises and challenges. She understands that growth comes with discomfort and provides a safe space for young learners to explore their abilities and further develop their learning domains.

Mariam Alwarith