COVID-19 Statement & FAQ

This year, the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program will offer both in-person and online classes.

The goals for the in-person classes are to provide students with a safe and comfortable classroom environment where they can interact with teachers and peers face- to-face, and to continue (or ease) their transition back into school.

The private schools we will be operating at have successfully hosted in-person classes since September with safety measures including social distancing, mandatory masks for instructors and students, daily temperature checks, restricted building entry, classroom occupancy limits based on CDC guidance, and separation of students in different classrooms. We will operate this summer with these safety measures unless official guidance changes.

Families who register for in-person classes may switch to classes held online at any time, and Fairfax Collegiate will provide credit vouchers for any difference in program fees.


Please see this link for our current list of safety procedures. This information is subject to change based on additional guidance released by health authorities.

We recognize that in-person or online is a difficult decision for families, especially since conditions are likely to change over the next few months. As long as you register for at least one class prior to the early registration deadline, your account will still be eligible for the 5% early registration discount even if you make changes or add additional classes after the deadline.

The early registration discount is available through April 15.

Yes, we permit registrations for students whose rising grade levels are within one year of the stated grade range. However, be advised that each course is designed for students whose academic and social skills are within the listed range of rising grade levels.

To help maintain the goal of minimizing which groups of students come into contact with other groups, families who wish to register for a class outside of their grade level may do so, but for a full-day registration the grade level of both classes must match. However, this requirement does not apply to the online location.

Please contact the Registrar to let us know what online classes you'd like to transfer into. We'll make the switch and then provide you with a credit voucher for any difference in the program fees.
Please contact the Registrar. We'll provide you with a refund or credit voucher consistent with the Fairfax Collegiate Participation Terms.

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