Practice the writing process (plan, draft, revise, and edit), and work towards producing polished writing about complex ideas.

Writing classes are small group seminars, taught by skilled writers, and balance direct instruction in writing with opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

Students write every day, meet individually with instructors, and receive detailed suggestions for improvement. Instructors write evaluations for each student at the end of the course.

Courses include standard language arts courses, creative writing courses, content-focused courses, and courses emphasizing reading.

Build your math on a solid foundation.

Math is more than just a letter on a report card. We understand that every student who enrolls with Fairfax Collegiate has a unique background, comfort level, and attitude towards math. Our curriculum takes these differences into account while providing several other benefits.

If your student would benefit from a head start on the concepts they’ll be learning next school year, or if they’re looking to build confidence and maintain their skills from last year, a summertime math class is an option worth considering.

Do hands-on experiments and practice the scientific method.

Get excited about science, and advance the boundaries of your scientific knowledge the way professional scientists do--by reading, thinking, discussing, hypothesizing, and experimenting! Students explore a variety of topics within the fields of biology, chemistry, and forensics.

All our science classes include hands-on labs so students can not only learn the material, but also remember it through exciting new experiences.

High school students can prepare for their upcoming science classes in school through our online Boosts in the You Got This! subject.

Get comfortable with speaking, standing out, and leading.

Speak out, speak up, and get a gift for gab! Learn how to deliver a great speech, make a persuasive argument, have your day in court, and even negotiate world peace.

Public speaking can be intimidating, but our sympathetic instructors and small classes create a supportive environment where even shy students feel comfortable coming out of their shells.

Prep in-person; we give you the choice.

High-stakes tests such as the SAT/PSAT and applying to TJ, Academies of Loudoun, and college can be stressful or overwhelming for even the most diligent students. Our instructors and curriculum are designed to get students comfortable with the test content and format, and help manage test anxiety.

Design, manufacture, assemble, test, and think like an engineer.

Our engineering courses are designed around hands-on activities and projects. Each of our courses represents a real field of engineering, as well as connecting to one or more of the four primary disciplines of engineering: mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil.

Computer programming is a social activity.

Our programming courses are for students with varied backgrounds in programming, including those who have no prior experience: open-ended projects engage and challenge beginners and experienced programmers alike.

Courses focus on real programming languages and set students up for success in high school and beyond.

Develop the technical and artistic skills to make films, photos, and designs that tell stories and create emotion.

Pick up a computer or camera and let your creativity flow! Learn about computer graphics and master photography with point-and-shoot or DSLR cameras. In the age of the computer, your only limitation is your imagination.

Additionally, explore Fairfax Collegiate's filmmaking courses which build technical skills, creative skills, and the skills required to work collaboratively in a creative endeavor.

Get on the leading edge and play in the future.

Technology courses encourage students to think like scientists and engineers as they progress from exploring the basics of a new platform to learning how to program it to perform more detailed tasks.

Naturally curious students will love the opportunity to get their hands on devices such as robotic brains, 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, and unmanned flying aircraft, and to see what they can accomplish under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors.

Gaming at Fairfax Collegiate - it’s more than just games.

High schools and colleges have begun to recognize organized video gaming alongside traditional athletics and student clubs due to their ability to foster social growth.

Through playing games, we give students the opportunity to hone their logical and strategic thinking skills as well as helping them practice good sportsmanship and teamwork.

The review, practice, and instructor-led support to do your best, all taught online.

Students feel the pressure to perform well in their classes and on high-stakes admissions tests. In You Got This!, students master all aspects of preparation for these challenges by learning the content, practicing it daily, and employing various techniques to overcome the anxiety that comes with these difficult challenges.

All classes are taught via Zoom, so students learn from the comfort of home and instructors are better able to provide individualized attention.

Kids can be great programmers.

Programming, like music, is a domain open to prodigies. To learn and excel all you need are a computer, an internet connection, the ability to reason, and a lot of grit.

Our Python Picante courses start with the basics. When you're ready, move on to advanced courses to learn how to write games, work with data, and create web applications. All courses are taught online over Zoom by skilled Pythonistas who connect with kids.