What is Fairfax Collegiate?

The Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program is Northern Virginia's largest summer enrichment program for elementary and middle school students.

We provide engaging and informative two-week summer classes in subjects including writing, mathematics, science, test preparation, public speaking, engineering, robotics, minecraft, programming, art & design, and filmmaking.

We were founded in 1993 and operate at twelve locations across Northern Virginia. Each summer we work with approximately 3,000 students.

What is the TA Program?

The TA Program is Fairfax Collegiate's paid summer teaching opportunity for rising high-school seniors and college freshman. TAs work as assistant instructors in the Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program.

TAs are responsible for supervising students, providing individual instruction under the guidance of instructors, performing administrative tasks, and grading student work.

Many of our TAs go on to become instructors for Fairfax Collegiate in future summers; this position provides added responsibility and experience as well as an increase in pay. Former instructors use the teaching experience gained from working for Fairfax Collegiate in a variety of professions.

For our TA Program, we are looking for individuals who:

  • Are current high school juniors and seniors
  • Have a strong interest in education
  • Have a passion for a subject we teach
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Are willing to learn from an experienced instructor
  • Prior relevant experience a plus but not required

Why Work in the TA Program?

  • Share your knowledge with and inspire young students
  • Obtain practical teaching experience from a qualified instructor
  • Network with fellow TAs and instructors
  • Build your résumé.
  • Earn competitive pay.
  • Be recognized for outstanding performance.
  • Have fun and teach!

Apply to the TA Class of 2021

Application Round:

  • Fill out our online application, making sure to list location and session preferences and answer the short essay questions
  • The 2021 TA Program has a specific deadline of June 1st. Opportunities will be extremely limited after this deadline.
  • If you have any questions about the application, please e-mail us at apply@fairfaxcollegiate.com

Finalist Round:

  • On June 5thth (no earlier), all applicants will receive an e-mail letting them know whether or not they have advanced to the Finalist stage
  • Finalists will receive an invitation to select a 15-minute Finalist Interview slot at our main office in Herndon, VA

Finalist Interview Structure

  • The Finalist Interviews take place on June 13th, June 14th, June 20th, and June 21st. If you are a Finalist and cannot attend an interview on any of these dates, please contact Scott Kenkeremath scott_kenkeremath@fairfaxcollegiate.com.
  • During the interview, each Finalist will teach a five-minute lesson on topic of their choosing; a whiteboard is provided and other props may be brought if necessary

Offer Round:

  • Offers will be sent beginning on June 22nd.
  • Offers will specify classes and locations.

Past Instructors Say...

Fairfax Collegiate was a great way to refine my teaching skills. Watching an eighth grader decode a logic problem or a fourth grader master fraction concepts beats sitting at a desk any day!

Caroline English, Princeton University

I had a fun and rewarding summer teaching at Fairfax Collegiate. The children amazed me with their creativity.

Erica Harkins, University of Pennsylvania

The program gave me great support and a solid curriculum. It is far more than a "summer job" in that it offers important professional growth for teachers.

Danny Ledonne, American University MFA Film

I had the opportunity to work with extraordinary colleagues, some of whom became close friends. Also, it was great fun to teach kids every day!

Mariah Walker, The College of William & Mary