Speech and Debate

This fall your child can join 800 other children who have learned to think logically and communicate clearly in Fairfax Collegiate Online Debate and Public Speaking classes this past spring and summer.

Here's what three parents had to say:

"My daughter really looks forward to the class and it is helping her build confidence and independence."

"My child really enjoyed being introduced to the nuances of debate!"

"This was my son's first debate class. Now he has a much better understanding about how debate should be done!"

To make these upcoming classes even more beneficial than they were in the summer, we are incorporating changes such as weekly feedback to parents, increasing student participation time, and opportunities for independent work to apply lessons outside the classroom.

Questions or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. Please email James Miller, our Online Public Speaking Head. His email is james_miller@fairfaxcollegiate.com.