US Geography 3-4

Write | Discuss | Revise: U.S. Geography 3-4 is a content-based writing course for third and fourth grade students who are interested in the physical, human, and economic geography of the United States.

The course meets weekly over Zoom for eight weeks. Each class is seventy-five minutes. There will be four to ten students in the class.

Each week students study maps and read about the geography of a region of the United States. The topics discussed for each region include landforms, climate, natural resources, transportation, agriculture, industry, government, demographics, education, and culture.

Each class also includes writing instruction. Students practice writing clear sentences, paragraphs, and multi-paragraph essays in the context of writing about U.S. geography.

Students write a one to two-page paper each week. Each student meets with the instructor over Zoom for a 10-minute individual writing conference during the week to discuss drafts and plan revisions. Final papers are due before the next class.

Course Text: : National Geographic Kids U.S. Atlas 2020, 6th Edition

Week 1: Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States
Week 2: South Atlantic States
Week 3: East North Central States
Week 4: East South Central States
Week 5: West North Central States
Week 6: West South Central States
Week 7: Mountain States
Week 8: Pacific States

Instructor: Steven Nossal
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US Geography 3-4 Classes

Section Dates Weekdays Start Time Length Fee
1 12/01 - 01/19 Tuesdays 4:15 PM 75 min $400 Register
2 04/06 - 05/25 Tuesdays 4:45 PM 75 min $400 Register