The American Revolution 9-10

Write | Discuss | Revise: The American Revolution 9-10 is a content-based writing course for advanced ninth and tenth grade students who are interested in American History. The course meets weekly over Zoom for eight weeks, and each class is seventy-five minutes. There will be four to ten students in each class section.

Each week students read and discuss a section of The American Revolution: A History, a concise account of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood, a Pulitzer Prize winning professor of history at Brown University. Students are free to accept or reject the views of Professor Wood, a prominent mainstream academic historian. The course does not promote a particular ideology about the American Revolution or the founding of the United States.

Each class also includes writing instruction. Students practice writing clear sentences, paragraphs, and multi-paragraph essays in the context of writing about the American Revolution.

Students write a one to two-page paper each week. Classes meet on Mondays. Each student meets with the instructor over Zoom for a 10-minute individual writing conference during the week to discuss drafts and plan revisions. Final papers are due before class on Mondays.

Course Text: The American Revolution: A History, by Gordon S. Wood, Modern Library, 2003

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Origins
Week 3: American Resistance
Week 4: Revolution
Week 5: Constitution Making and War
Week 6: Republicanism
Week 7: Republican Society
Week 8: The Federal Constitution

Instructor: Steven Nossal
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The American Revolution 9-10 Classes

Section Dates Weekdays Start Time Length Fee
1 11/23 - 01/11 Mondays 5:00 PM 75 min $400 Register