FilmCraft - Weekly Movie Missions 7-9

Fairfax Collegiate's FilmCraft program lets enthusiastic young filmmakers take their skills to the next level! Students learn techniques for planning, shooting, and editing films in their home environment. Each week in class new skills are introduced, which students demonstrate in a “movie mission” to be completed by the next meeting.

If your child is enrolled in 7th-9th grade, register for this course. FilmCraft Online classes are small, instructor-led workshops. Students provide mutual encouragement and constructive critiques of each other’s films.

Movie Mission exercises include creating engaging story pitches, formatting a script, composing a shot, directing a scene, using special effects such as greenscreen, and editing digital video.

The course is taught through a virtual classroom via Zoom. For meetings, students must have a device with a web camera and microphone. To complete movie mission assignments, they will also need a video camera (the meeting device can serve as the camera), as well as a computer with video editing software. A tripod that will fit the camera used is strongly recommended. A bright, solid color backdrop (posterboard, bedsheet, etc.) will be useful for effects shots.

FilmCraft - Weekly Movie Missions 7-9 Classes

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