Algebra Essentials 7-9

Although public schools are more prepared than last spring, large class sizes and fluctuating plans for returning to the classroom make it difficult for them to meet students' educational needs. Fairfax Collegiate's Algebra Essentials class is a perfect way to ensure your child has a reliable and consistent place to continue learning math.

If your child is taking high school-level Algebra I, register for this course. We will then send you a diagnostic test and use the results to place your child into a small group (student-to-teacher ratio 6 to 1) that focuses on the exact level of math they need.

Each class meeting includes lessons, individual practice, one-on-one coaching, enrichment, and math games. Curriculum is always aligned to Virginia's math standards, so you can be confident that the correct topics are being taught. All students receive an individual, written progress report that demonstrates their growth.

The course is taught through a virtual classroom via Students must have a device with a microphone and camera, and access to a printer.

Algebra Essentials 7-9 Classes

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