Academies of Loudoun Prep 7-8

Middle school students prepare for the first round of the Academies of Loudoun (AOS and AET) admissions process.

Students review content for each of the sections of the STEM Thinking Skills Assessment, examine sample California Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory (CCTDI) items, and learn a variety of effective test-taking strategies.

The course also covers the details of the rest of the admissions process, including information about the CCTST-N test and the writing assessment required for finalists who pass the first round of admissions.

Each student takes 3 practice tests and receives an evaluation detailing areas for improvement based on their scores.

Summer 2021 Academies of Loudoun Prep 7-8 Class Sections

Session Dates Location Time
Session II 6/28/2021 - 7/9/2021 Ashburn Afternoon
Session II 6/28/2021 - 7/9/2021 Online Morning
Session IV 7/26/2021 - 8/6/2021 Ashburn Afternoon
Session IV 7/26/2021 - 8/6/2021 Online Afternoon
Session V 8/9/2021 - 8/20/2021 Dulles Afternoon
Session V 8/9/2021 - 8/20/2021 Online Morning

"Our son felt like this was a great class!"

- Daniela and Culai S, Leesburg, VA