• Q. What classes do you offer?
    A. We offer Fairfax Collegiate After School Classes in Robotics, Programming, Public Speaking, and Filmmaking.
  • Q. How do I get a Fairfax Collegiate After School class started at my school?
    A. To get started, please use the After School Inquiry Form.
  • Q. When do sessions typically begin?
    A. We operate our classes in three seasons throughout the school year, Fall, Winter, and Spring, but we are flexible with our start dates. However, we do require at least three weeks lead time to conduct registration, place an instructor, and prepare equipment and materials for the class. We ask that you end registration one week prior to the start of class.
  • Q. Who teaches our after school classes?
    A. Our instructors have authoritative knowledge of their subjects, and skill and experience working with children. Most are Fairfax Collegiate Summer Program Instructors. All instructors have completed background checks.
  • Q. How large are classes?
    A. We require a minimum of eight students to run a class. We cap classes at twelve students to ensure a high quality of instruction. We ask that all payments are collected before we verify a class and place an instructor.
  • Q. Does Fairfax Collegiate provide equipment and materials for the classes?
    A. Yes, Fairfax Collegiate provides all equipment and materials for use in the class, with nothing required by the school except the space. For robotics classes, this includes robotics kits and laptops for every pair of students. Filmmaking classes use cameras, tripods, boom microphones, and iMacs for editing.
  • Q. How much does a Fairfax Collegiate after school class cost?
    A. Our classes range in price from $150-$250 per class, depending on the type of class and length of session.
  • Q. How does registration and payment work?
    A. Parents may register and pay for classes through the Fairfax Collegiate online registration system. Alternatively, PTAs that are committed to other registration systems may collect and forward enrollment information and payments.
  • Q. What happens in case of class cancellations due to snow days?
    A. We make every possible effort to schedule a make-up date for cancelled classes or add time on to existing class periods. In the event that a class cannot be rescheduled, refunds are provided to each student for the cost of that class.
  • Q. What is the cancellation policy?
    A. Unfortunately after the first day of class we are unable to offer refunds. This is to ensure that we keep our minimum enrollments.